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Quotes Our son attended Ms. Violeta's Little Ones preschool for two years. We were always impressed with the Ms. Violeta's energy and enthusiasm. She was teaching the kids things beyond what many children learn in kindergarden. Our son was reading above average when he graduated from Little Ones. In addition to Ms. Violeta's enthusiasm she is highly educated and it shows. He employes various techniques to engage the children's interest, from playing educational games to singing songs to learn about the body or the solar system. She also started exposing the children to Spanish. We highly valued this as we believe being bilingual is important for children. With out any hesitation we would recommend Ms. Violeta and Little Ones Preschool. Quotes
Doug & Hitomi Anderson
Ms. Violeta is an incredible teacher!

Quotes Amazing teacher! Caring, patient, and gives the best start for kids. I have a daughter that went there several years ago, and is a straight A+ student that has a love for reading. I currently have a 4 year old daughter enrolled in Littles ones Preschool for kindergarten, because her teacher has her reading, writing, adding and subtracting and speaking Spanish. Both my girls will have had 3 years with Ms. Violeta. I highly recommend Little Ones Preschool. Quotes
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Maria K.

Quotes My nephew, two of my cousins and my little sister attended Little Ones Preschool for many years! This school has been a miracle to my family members who attended and other children. Kids were reading books with words with silent 'E's' on them at just 3 an 4 years old! They also were able to do multiplication tables! They could count by 2's, 5's and 10's perfectly! Some have even skipped kindergarten because they were SO far ahead! Ms. Violeta is amazing and so are her staff. It is clear that this is her passion and how much she cares for her students. She has helped all her students gain an incredible amount of self-esteem and a great start for public schools. If you have children attend here, I guarantee you they will be the top students in all their subjects in school. Quotes
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Brooke E.

Quotes My nephew attended Little Ones Preschool during the summer program. My sister-in-law wanted him to improve his reading skills with Little Ones' Reading Specialist Teacher. I am SO proud of my little nephew. Not only has he made a huge jump in his literacy skills, he has gained confidence. I love my little nephew more than anything, and would recommend Little Ones School to anyone and everyone! Quotes
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Trenton E.

Quotes I absolutely love Little Ones Preschool! It's amazing to see what Violeta is able to help the students accomplish at such young ages. I've specifically been impressed with her ability to scaffold all of her students' learning and development by giving them individualized work. I've also been impressed with the great social skills that the students come out of her class with as well as the impressive amounts of words they are able to read and mathematical problems they are able to do. The school has a very warm and inviting atmosphere as well. Over all I feel as though Little Ones Preschool is a wonderful choice for young children whether they are advanced or struggling students. Quotes
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Rebecca C.

Quotes As a high school student, I can still remember many great memories at Little Ones Preschool. I am grateful for the way Ms. Violeta taught me. She had so much patience and made learning fun! I was only 3 years old when I was able to read books! I remember being way ahead of the other kids in kindergarten because of everything Ms. Violeta taught me! I highly recommend this preschool/kindergarten. I love Ms. Violeta!!!! Quotes
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Chantel B.

Quotes All three of my children attended preschool here. She does a wonderful job engaging the children and has a wonderful teaching style. The children move at their own pace with gentle encouragement. I would recommend Little Ones to anyone in the valley (especially the East valley). We commuted for my youngest from Scottsdale. Worth the drive. Quotes
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Nicole G.

Quotes "When I first moved from London to Arizona, I looked at several pre-schools. As I was not working, I tried to find a school that was not a day care, and would help my child sponge all the information he could at an early age. This was no easy task, until I found Little Ones!!!!! I loved the school so much, I would drive half an hour to attend. When i had my second child, she to attended Little Ones and I decided to have her stay at Little Ones for Kidergarten, even though our public school was free. Miss Violeta and her school made a huge impact on my children's lives. She is a phenomenal teacher who cares so much for her students. I now have an 8th grader who is in all honors classes, a fifth grader who is on honor roll, and they still talk about their experience with Miss Violeta!!!!!!" Quotes
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Amanda O. (6-26-12)

Quotes Violeta is a very talented teacher and her passion for teaching is unsurpassed! My preschool son was reading, writing, doing math, and amazed me each day with his the new skills he was learning. Social skills are also emphasized - the children read to the class, are encouraged to help others, instructed on manners, and of course - love singing and play time. Yes, they're doing all this, in preschool! I don't know how Miss Violeta handles it all, but each child is taught at their individual level, not as a group. I have never come across another preschool like this or have I ever met a more passionate teacher than Miss Violeta. I can't say enough.. we drove all the way from Scottsdale! It is absolutely amazing what our children are capable of under the instruction of such a truly talented and caring teacher. I highly recommend Miss Violeta and Little Ones Preschool! Quotes
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Betsy P. (6-26-12)

Quotes I am 17 years old and attended little ones preschool for a few years, I was 3 when I started and the only language I spoke was Spanish I knew no English. I left that school not only speaking fluent English and Spanish, (it was awesome that ms.violeta was bilingual), but I was reading chapter books, doing all kinds of math problems and I didn't even have to go to kindergarten after. she taught me so well. she's so kind and caring. I have a baby now, and I know for sure she will be going there without a doubt. I wouldn't want to have it any other way, she's awesome! Quotes
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Desiree C. (6-26-12)
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